Rebuilt Snowmobile Engines


Become a Dragon Saver Dealer

Thank you for your interest in our services. To become one of our
dealers, your business must be in the motorcycle, snowmobile or
other motor sport industry.

If your information confirms that you are a legitimate business working in the powersports industry, you'll be assigned a dealer number and be eligible for dealer pricing immediately.

Be sure to check our site for available motors and special pricing on rebuilt crankshafts.

Initial order must be a minimum of 4 rebuild kits.

Dragon Saver Dealer App

The Fine Print

A request to become a dealer will not be processed unless ALL of the above information is received.

All orders should have a purchase order or written instructions included. If none is received, we will do whatever work we THINK you want us to do, however, we cannot read minds, so we will not accept any responsibility if you later tell us that we guessed wrong.

Please note we do not insure any outgoing packages unless specifically asked to do so.

No goods will be released or dealer discounts given to a third party unless authorization is received in writing from our customer.

When approved as a Dragon Saver dealer, orders can be paid via credit card of Paypal. We do not accept checks.