Rebuilt Snowmobile Engines


Rebuilt Snowmobile Engines

rebuilt snowmobile engines

Duncan Brothers provides solutions to your snowmobile engine problems. We have found the engines that tend to have problems and have come up with an affordable solution to get you back on the trail.

Duncan Brothers offers rebuilt snowmobile engines for the following manufacturers:

Why Choose a Duncan Brothers Rebuilt Snowmobile Engine?

We have been racing and building snowmobiles for nearly 30 years. We know that nothing ruins a day like being broken down. We only use the highest quality parts in our rebuilt snowmobile engines, so your down time will be limited.

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Snowmobile Engine Rebuild Kits

If you are more of a do-it-yourselfer or are working on a budget, check out our snowmobile engine rebuild kits. Same great parts as the competition, but at a much lower price!