Rebuilt Snowmobile Engines


Arctic Cat Engines

Duncan Brothers can rebuild your Arctic Cat snowmobile engine through our rebuilt snowmobile engine exchange program.

You simply ship us your engine through UPS or FedEx and we will ship you a motor in exchange or rebuild your old Arctic Cat Engine and send it back to you.

How Long Does it Take

If we have your Arctic Cat engine in stock we can typically get it to you before you have removed your stock motor. If we need to rebuild your motor and send it back to you we have a 4 day turn around time. That means that you can ship us your motor and receive the same one back in about 2 weeks.

What Components Do You Use?

For standard rebuild we use Wiseco components. However, we can also do custom builds to your specifications.

How Much Does it Cost

Every model of Arctic Cat engine differs in cost. Please contact us for a quote on your engine. We guarantee you won't find a better deal!